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Bitwig and Launchpad - Easy Music Theory Jamming

15 / October / 2014

During teaching myself audio production and whilst learning Music Theory,
i wanted a way to creatively experiment with this knowledge so with the help
of Bitwig and piz midiChords i have programmed my Novation LaunchPad midi
controller to help me do just that.

I have modified Bitwig's as of current 1.0.15 novation script to add a new
scale called "Jam Mode", this maps all pads to a sequential list of notes.
piz midiChords vst then maps the individual notes on each pad to certain
chords or notes, additionally the Bitwig script colour maps the pads.

Demo Video Here
(  as you can see webpage design and video production arent really my thing :) )

Included Scales are:

* Aeolian
* Dorian
* Harmonic Minor
* Ionian
* Locrian
* Lydian
* Mixolydian
* Phyrigian

Download the files

The launchpad_notemap.js script is a modified version from BitWig 1.0.15,
switch the file "launchpad_notemap.js" with the one located at "resources\controllers\novation\Launchpad"

Switch to the usual scale mode and "Jam mode" is now the first option

Also download and install piz midiChords then use the preset files provided.

If you want to use these piz midiChord presets with your novation launchpad in software other than Bitwig then you must
program your controller with the top left pad as midi note 0 (C -2) and from left to right increase the value until eventually the lower
bottom right pad is note 63 (D# 3) and optionally program the lights.

If you have questions about this or would like to discuss perhaps extended developement with me then contact me, I can also
create scales and mappings and aterations upon request. n'joy !.


email: please include the word "NovationMidiMap" somewhere in your subject line or i may not receive it
rob (at) reverse-engineering (d0t) info